Yesterday could easily have felt largely wasted - I spent the morning going to a hospital for a clinic appointment that turned out to have been cancelled. 


I had arrived a bit early, so browsed the Welcome Institute's bookshop while waiting for the alleged clinic appointment. In my non-musical, non-film making life I teach medical students and postgraduate medical trainees. One of the topics that interests me is the philosophy of disease, the psychology of diagnosis, and communication in medicine. As I browsed, I noticed a slim volume - Susan Sontag's 'Illness as metaphor'. This isn't a new book - the now deceased author had first published the essay that makes up the bulk of this book in 1977 - but it retains a distinctive and fresh outlook on disease. 


Her central argument is that using disease as a metaphor (for example the Romantic image of tuberculosis in 19th century opera) or the use of metaphors in our description of disease (such as the military metaphors in the war against cancer) are dangerous. Dictatorships have justified the use of violent repression using the metaphor of cutting out the cancer in our society, and it could be argued that the medical profession at times has been total waging war on a malignant enemy, focusing on cure at all costs, regardless of the costs of friendly fire. 


Susan Sontag had breast cancer at the time of writing the book. This however is not a description of her personal experiences. It has an austere, impersonal, elegant intellectual rigor. It's lack of sentimentality is bold and, to me, engaging. Some of the medicine may have slightly dated, but the overall message, that we should be aware of how the metaphors we use shape our thinking, is still a profound challenge our use of language. Highly recommended to those interested in medicine or how language shapes our view of the world.


Malcolm Galloway




(In the unlikely event that anyone buys the book via this link I would get a small commission).

I hope this minimalist music / fractal animation video might be of interest.

Jewel Fish from the album 'Malcolm Galloway - Minimalist' - Glass Castle Recordings.

Music/production/video/animation - Malcolm Galloway

If you'd like to use my music or fractal animations in something, feel free to get in touch.

Best wishes, Malcolm

If you like lego animations, fractals, and/or rock music, it is plausible that you might the silly Lego stopmotion and fractal animation video I knocked up last night for

my rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate's song 'Head in A Jar'.


The song will be on our new album - When The Kill Code Fails - which should be finished in the next few weeks.


If you like it any sharing would be hugely appreciated.



Best wishes,

Malcolm Galloway

Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate


Breaking news! Obscure band release new recording

Hat's Off Gentlemen It's Adequate's new EP 'Solace' has just been released. It's currently available via CDBaby, and will be on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc in a few days. Three original rock songs inspired by artificial intelligence issues, and a cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.

Free streaming of the originals and 30s of the cover at CD Baby.

If you like it, any support/reviewing/sharing would be hugely appreciated,
Best wishes,
Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

We've had our first review for 'Head In A Jar'. I'm delighted that Welsh Connections liked it. 'Chaotic excess and ultimate beauty' - I'd sign up for that :-)



Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate : Head In A Jar (2014).

We've long been admirers of Malcolm Galloway's work with Hats Off and this EP release does nothing to change that view. It's an eclectic mix of tunes which transport you from soothing ambient moods through to an organic climax of sound in four short tracks.
Opening with the gentle 'Broken Wave' which ebbs and flows taking you to the Floyd-esque 'Glass Lithium' which could sit quite nicely on a Rick Wright album with it's haunting refrain and melody. The title track increases the pace and energy and we get out first, of two, vocals. 'Head In A Jar' pays homage to New York's Talking Heads with the punchy vocals and guitar work building up to the climatic 'Maggie's Farm' finishing with chaotic excess and ultimate beauty. If you've not experienced Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, it's about time you did and this EP could be the perfect way to do it !

Hello. Welcome to our new website. Hope you like it. 

We've released our new 'Head In A Jar' EP this week. If you like it, any support would be hugely appreciated.

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