Prog Album of The Year 2015 – Beastie’s Rock Show.

It is an incredible honour to be considered on the same shortlist as some of prog rocks most inspiring musicians, including David Gilmour, Riverside, Steve Wilson and Spocks Beard. To actually win is gob-smacking.

“I love this album. When I listen to this album it pleases me no end, and not only does it please me in so many different ways, when I listen to the vocal it really does stir me and moves me incredibly. This album is wonderful. I want everyone to listen this on repeat, put your headphones on and get no distractions, just listen. It really does stir you, wake you up. And when he implores you with those lyrics, how can you turn that down? It is incredible, you can feel that emotion in that one line ['as I walk into the sun, carry me']. And for me that is the difference between this album and those other albums [David Gilmour, Spocks Beard, Steve Wilson, Riverside]. If you can’t make a connection with this, then I’m sorry, you can’t make a connection with music, because I love everything about this track, love this album, love this variety. That’s what progressive rock is all about – pushing the boundaries. It’s a wonderful thing and I have returned to it many times.” Steve Beastie.

Beastie's Rock Show


Thank you so much to Steve Beastie for all your support, and also thanks to my band colleagues for all their support and contributions, both on the recordings and in live gigs. I couldn't wish for a better bunch of people to play with.


Best wishes,


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