I'm delighted to announce that we (Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate and friends) are organising a series of gigs at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden, London, showcasing some of the emerging prog music we feel most passionately about.


Award-winning progressive/alternative rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate are hosting a series of three artist-promoted Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate and friends prog rock nights at Camden’s legendary Fiddler’s Elbow in 2018.


Sunday 13 May 2018 – Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate with The Tirith and Servants Of Science. https://www.facebook.com/events/148789279250183. Eventbrite link https://goo.gl/jdJXH6

Sunday 23 September 2018 – Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate with  IT and The Wood Demons. https://www.facebook.com/events/527568480969950/. Eventbrite link https://goo.gl/wifu3K


Thursday 29 November 2018 – Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate with L’Anima and Birdeatsbaby. https://www.facebook.com/events/149386995750655/. Eventbrite link https://goo.gl/jfJun7


The series aims to showcase some of the most exciting new music in the resurgent British progressive rock music scene, and we are hugely honoured to have such outstanding musicians performing with us at these events.

The events are all co-headlining events, with each band getting equal stage time.

The Fiddler’s Elbow is a leading London rock venue, 1 Malden Road, NW5 3HS, Camden, London (UK). Doors 7pm, first act starts at 7:30, live music ends 11pm, venue closes at 12pm. Tickets £6 on the door, or £5 in advance via Eventbrite. The events are 18+.


Spotify playlist of the featured bands - https://open.spotify.com/user/1120959481/playlist/5JaluUG4tWVJvNLRca6dQ3?si=2bl2TXpGRWe3y8AWE0DakA



The Bands (In Alphabetical Order)




Dark progressive rock band from Brighton, UK. Birdeatsbaby blend elements of rock, punk and metal music to create a sound that's striking and unique. Their live shows are spectacle not to be missed.

"A touch of class, hints of everyone from ELO to Marilyn Manson" - Q Magazine

"Splendid cabaret style art-rock" - BBC 6 Music (Chris Hawkins)

"Tori Amos and Muse bewildering a church coffee morning" - Prog Magazine






Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

"Original songs, well delivered, style, stage charm, a great voice and great bass playing. Bloody marvellous. The highlight of the weekend". e-festivals review of HRH Prog.

"Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate is an ideal example of what prog is; music that does not follow a traditional pattern or path but rather evolves. Hats Off Gentlemen manages to evolve both with every new album and every time you listen to the same album...there is so much there you can't take it all in on the first go-round." The Closet Concert Arena

Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate are recommended by Steve Hackett (Genesis) and were joint winners (along with Roger Waters and Alice Cooper) of the Beastie's Rock Show Album Of The Year Award 2017.




Beginning life as a psychedelic, multi-media group, IT is a band with a colossal sound that shakes the bones, with a barrage of images that feeds the mind. IT’s sound fuses the classic melodies of prog rock’s past with a passion and intensity usually only found in punk or metal bands. Politics, religion, war and sexuality all come under the band’s lens for critical examination. Lyrics are intelligent, challenging and occasionally darkly humorous.

IT formed in 1994 when Nick Jackson recorded and produced the band’s first full-length album The Stranger Inside the Self. This was also when the band first began using multimedia during live shows with the inclusion of short films playing behind the group on stage. The band followed this up with the album Two Worlds in early January 1995.

In 2004 IT began to redefine itself as the band line-up grew and become more permanent, particularly with the addition of Andy Rowberry on lead guitar.

The fourth album Departure was released in July 2009 to critical acclaim with the accompanying bonus DVD giving an indication of the powerful onstage visuals that had by now become an integral part of the IT experience. There then followed something of a hiatus whilst the band formulated the ideas that would eventual become…

We’re All In This Together explores themes of austerity, inequality and an uncertain future for younger generations. Conceptually-based, it comprises 10 brand new tracks, including the debut single, Revolution, which was released back in October 2016, and supported with a strong video https://youtu.be/gk82tpzginU depicting rogue youth against an establishment protected by police.

Prog Mill listeners’ album of the year award 2017

“Clever, challenging, and very, very good indeed” Maximum Volume Rock





L'Anima is a Progressive Rock band from London, UK. Formed in 2015, the group started out as a collaboration between Pedro J. Caparros Lopez (Breed 77) and lead singer Andy Mitchell (former frontman of The Yardbirds).

The sound of the band is an inspiring blend of progressive rock and spanish guitar. The result is a powerful, complex, often challenging and unexpected sonic palette, distinctive and unique, melodic and bold.


Featured in Prog Magazine's top new bands of 2017






The Tirith

Sheffield based Rock band The Tirith appear at Fiddlers Elbow in Camden on Sun 13th May, playing material from their 2015 album “Tales From the Tower” and songs from the forthcoming album “A Leap into the Dark”.

The Tirith are a Classic Prog Rock band playing original material, this is song based Rock, often described as Power Prog, and more guitar based than most.  The band has a long history...; but the present band reformed in 2010 and has been playing festivals and selected gigs since 2011. The band is known for playing a wide variety of music within the Rock / Progressive genre and beyond.  If you like guitar based rock come and see Tim Cox riffing it up.
The main writers in the band are Tim Cox and Richard Cory, the band being fronted by Richard Cory on vocals and bass.  The Tirith feature the stunning guitar playing of Tim Cox, Tim fashions melodic solos and has been described by Geoff Barton of Classic Rock Magazine as evoking the spirit of Gary Moore with his delicious solos and punchy power chords. The lineup is completed by Carl Nightingale on drums.

The music can be described as a fusion of Styx-like pomp rock with bluesy prog. Rock with a hard crust and a deep tremor in its heart. The bands influences are many but suffice to say if you like Rush, Styx, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Opeth you will like this.

In the past The Tirith have appeared at The Cambridge Rock Festival, Danfest 2 and Danfest 4 (Leicester), Resonance Festival and HRH Prog VI. In 2018 they appear at Fusion Festival in Stourport. They have also supported Focus, The Enid, Gnidrolog, and Karnataka.

“This is powerful, high quality material.  Once they have finally punched a hole in the sky, Cox’s solo spirals out into the ether. A tale that is well worth the wait. Prog January 2016... more






Servants Of Science


"The Swan Song" is the debut album from proggy alt-rock band Servants of 

Science, hailing from Brighton, England and beyond. The album tells the story of 

an astronaut who witnesses the end of the world whilst floating in space.

Twitter: @ServantsScience



The Wood Demons

The Wood Demons draw their inspiration from the eclectic spirit of the first wave of progressive bands. Their atmospheric brand of epic prog-psychedelia combines powerful tunes interwoven with many influences – molten psychedelic guitar rock, classical violin, acid-folk, space-rock, modal jazz, film music.

In a Wood Demons song, you’re never far from a stirring melody, a poignant (or deranged) lyric or an instrumental passage that spirits you off into the stratosphere.

“The arrangement and the performance of the musicians are excellent. The album debuts with "The Other Side", which with its psychedelic atmosphere and McCartney-esque vocal is very close to the Beatles. "Caught In The Drift Of An Idle Day" recalls The Byrds. "Indian Summer" with a Mellotron background and an engaging but interesting rhythm that reminds me of the Beatles’ psychedelic period. My two favorite pieces are "All Alone In Istanbul" for its Floydian side (Animals period) and its superb progressive guitar solo, and "Poor Traumatised You", a very nice song with beautiful electric violin and Mellotron. … “. Review by Gerald Hawey of Profil, prog radio station in Quebec.



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